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403(b) Can Be Fixed 🧰 ⚒️

April 6, 2022

We are so proud of the podcast series Learned by Being Burned: Teachers and the K-12 403(b). It's concise. It's compelling. It's teacher driven. And it can be infuriating. I've been at 403(b) advocacy for more than 20 years, and much of the short series was deja vu all over again. While the first four episodes lay out the myriad of problems participants face, the final episode — A Little Cabin on a Lake — highlights advocacy success stories. It gave me hope. Episode highlights include...

403(b) Fix for School Districts

Former Montgomery County Public Schools benefits official John Kevin details how he set in motion the district's move from 14 vendors to one. His strategy is a recipe for other school districts.

Teachers Succeed in Adding Low-Cost Vendors

We learn how teachers and a custodian successfully added a low-cost vendor. 

Failed Reform Effort Leads to Fee Transparency Tool

One of the most powerful fee finding tools — 403bcompare.com — came about because of failed 403(b) reform legislation. 

Elizabeth Warren Appearance

Senator from Massachusettes and author of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau details insurance industry incentive structure.  


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