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The K-12 403(b) is broken.
Together we can fix it.
Learned by Being Burned Podcast

Teachers are being ripped off in their 401(k)-like supplemental retirement savings plan, the 403(b). Financial companies are preying on them. Unions and school districts aren’t looking out for them. Educators are literally losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement savings.

In this 5-part series, teachers share how they were sold high-cost annuity products, the barriers they face to getting better, lower-cost investment choices, and the growing advocacy movement working to fix the K-12 403(b).

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Episode 1

Someone Walked Into My Room  

Episode 2

My Plans Don’t Have Fees Do They? 

Episode 3

I Just Couldn’t Stomach It 

Episode 4

Why Can’t We Do This?  

Episode 5

A Little Cabin on a Lake  

BONUS Episode 1

Interview with Series Narrator and Writer

BONUS Episode 2 

The Right Kind of Financial Advice

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