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The K-12 403(b) is broken.
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Find a Good Vendor

Got Vanguard? How about Aspire? Maybe you have a good 457(b)? Now you can find out.

Each school district maintains a 403(b) and 457(b) vendor list. These are the companies that employees are permitted to invest with. Several of the firms known for offering quality products at reasonable prices have created school district availability search tools. Several of the excellent state-based 457(b) plans have also created school district availability search tools. Use the links below to quickly see if your employer is offering at least one quality 403(b) vendor or makes available a good 457(b) plan. Note: We will continue to update this resource. 

403(b) Vendor Search

Aspire: Find a Plan Tool

Note: Aspire doesn’t sell its own investment products. Instead, it makes available access to low-cost companies like Fidelity, TIAA, T. Rowe Price, and Vanguard for a nominal feel.

Vanguard 403(b) Plan Search and Account Application Tool

Note: Click the search box and you will be prompted enter your employer's name. 

Aspire/Vanguard Comparison Chart

457(b) Vendor Search

Los Angeles Unified School District Deferred Compensation Plan

This is an award winning district level plan. Create an account to begin enrollment process. This will allow you to see district availability. 

Ohio Deferred Compensation

Upon completion of Step 1 (click "Get Started") you will be able to search if plan available at your school district.

New York State Deferred Compensation Find Your Employer Tool

Note: Many New York school district employees choose this low-cost 457(b) plan over their 403(b) plan. Video: How to start a 457(b) with New York State Deferred Compensation. 

Washington State Deferred Compensation Program (DCP)

See "Ready to enroll in DCP?" Complete Quick Enrollment form and take to your HR department. Default option is a target date fund that assumes retirement at age 65. Once enrolled you will have online access to a globally diversified portfolio of index funds. Note: Plan is getting a new record keeper soon. We will update information when this happens. 

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Plan (Benefits Available to Me) Search

Note: If you see "Wisconsin Deferred Compenation" after your search, your district makes this 457(b) plan available. Information for school districts looking to add this plan. 

Contribute to This Page

If the following companies have similar search tools and want them listed here, please email us at dan(at)403bwise.org. Please also contact us if you are a representative of a quality state-based 457(b) plan that is available to school employees. 

  • Fidelity
  • T. Rowe Price