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When They Go Low ⬇️

January 29, 2020

I am lucky in so many ways. One of the ways I am most fortunate is that I am surrounded by so many creative people, several with superb musical and on air talent. As readers of this blog know Scott and I were banned from the National Tax Deferred Savings Association's Summit after booking our airfare and hotel, and arranging meetings with colleagues and friends. We learned of our ban three days before the conference. 

Readers of the blog know that I wrote a song about my podcast partner, Scott, who took the brunt of the NTSA's ire. I have a certain super-talented muscian friend who I shared the song lyrics with and said, almost half jokingly, "It would be cool if you recorded this." I didn't hear anything for a few days and then on Monday a recorded song showed up via email. It was awesome.

How to publish? Scott had the creative idea to do it as a podcast. Great idea! How to introduce the song? Wouldn't it be funny to introduce it like a cheesy drive-time radio show that does the traffic on the "tens," I thought? I was set to record it myself, when perhaps the most creative person in my life, my wife Mandy, had a better suggestion: my good friend KTLA meteorologist, Henry DiCarlo. So I reached out to Henry via text and almost immediately got this response: "Of course I’ll do it, no problem, Dan. Let me know what you need and I’ll do it."

Henry sent over 6 superb takes. I put the podcast together late last night and released it this morning. Even if you don't care about the 403(b) or NTSA, this is a damn good song with a damn good intro.

Enjoy: "Banned by the NTSA" debuting on 403bwise radio