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The Wealthy Custodian 😊

July 14, 2020

We have met and interacted with countless amazing teachers over the years. It’s the best part of running 403bwise. But one of our favorite Fo4’s (Friends of 403bwise) is not a teacher. He’s a custodian. And he’s truly inspiring. So much so that we have dubbed him the “Wealthy Custodian.” And not just because of his impressive saving acumen. The moniker also applies to his approach to life, work, savings, spending and giving back. 

Impressive Net Worth

Jeff York, is my age (55), and has served as a custodian in the Pacheco Union School District in northern California for 33 years. During this time his income has ranged from $3.35 cents an hour to $21 an hour. His net worth today is close to $1 million. He does not brag about this. Instead he uses it to inspire others to save. “I have never-written a book on personal finance,” he shared in an email. “I do not have any advanced college degrees or personal finance designations. All I have to show is what I have built.”

Podcast Star

What he has built is impressive. He credits a junior college personal finance class for instilling the saving and investing bug. Over the years he has contacted me and Scott (my podcast partner and 403bwise collaborator) with detailed investing questions, and investing suggestions. We have interviewed him twice on our Teach and Retire Rich podcast. His November 10th, 2017 appearance called "Custodian Cleans Up His 403(b)" remains our most listened to podcast. Note: You can access both podcasts below. 

Read Jeff's Teachers Story

We featured Jeff last year in our Teacher Stories segement. 

Jeff York, custodian

Meet Jeff York

You can hear Jeff’s story and ask him questions at our Fireside Chat with the “Wealthy Custodian” on July 16th from 4-5:15pm Pacific Time. Sign up details here.

Hope to see you there. Stay well.

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