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Keeping it 💯

February 20, 2020

In thinking about the title of this blog marking the 100th Teach and Retire Rich podcast the show The 100 came to mind. For those not familiar, The 100 is a dystopian tale set 97 years after nuclear war has has wiped out civilization. The only survivors were those spread among 12 space stations orbiting the planet during the attack. The decision is made to send 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in a bid to see if it is inhabitable. That's a hell of a plot, right?

By all measures the K-12 403(b) is pretty dystopian, and in the eyes of the NTSA, Scott and I are pretty juvenile. But really, that's where any similarity between The 100 and our 100th podcast ends. Or does it? In many ways 403bwise and for that matter our Teach and Retire Rich podcasts are our attempt to make the K-12 403(b) inhabitable for teachers. Most K-12 403(b) plans are toxic. But that is changing. Scott and I are overwhelmed by the response to our Facebook Group which is now 800 members strong. On a daily basis teachers are posting questions about how to get out of a bad 403(b) plan and/or how to get access to better vendor choices. Some of the posts are garnering 40+ comments. 

10 Teachers + One Custodian

The 100th episode of Teach and Retire Rich is not only a brief look back at our very first podcast, but a celebration of the teachers we have met on this incredible journey. In fact, we have included the voices of 10 teachers and 1 custodian, each who shares his or her 403(b) "aha" moment. 

So is the K-12 403(b) inhabitable? Increasingly it is. Thanks to a grass roots movement of educators across the country who refuse to be told they don't deserve acces to quality low cost investments. Thanks to all of the great guests we have had on the pod in the past 5 years, and thanks to all of the listeners. 

Dan and Scott

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