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Speech & Retire Rich 💬 + 💰

February 2, 2021

I wrote a book called Teach and Retire Rich whose key premise is that teachers who take advantage of the myriad of retirement plans available to them — pension, 403(b), 457(b), Roth IRA — can retire financially comfortable, and intrinsically rich for having engaged in such a rewarding, important career. Fiduciary planner Scott Dauenhauer, CFP®, and I partner on the Teach and Retire Rich podcast which espouses a similar premise. Recent events lead us to believe that there could possible be a new version of the book...

30-year-old SLP Dynamo 

Thanks almost entirely to 30-year-old Speech Language Pathologist, Tara Slyman — who we profiled in Teach and Retire Rich espisode 145 — we presented saving for retirement information last week to approximately 300 SLPs over two Zoom events. We met Tara last fall when she reached out about adding better 403(b) investing choices at her Pennsylvania school district. Note: It's cruel irony that the state that is home to perhaps the best investment company, Vanguard, has some of the worst K-12 403(b) plans in the country. Tara has been a fixture at our weekly investing events. After one of them, she stuck around to ask if we would consider doing a special event for SLPs. She described how the financial needs of SLPs often fall through the cracks because they are either the only SLP at their school, or they are spread across multiple school sites. Plus, some SLPs work in the medical field. We were only too happy to oblige. 

Fun (and numbers) in Speech

As we were preparing the content for the presentations Tara mentioned she could promote the event on her Instagram account (funinspeech). We are all for any marketing help we can get. A few days after Tara made her offer, I checked out her Instagram feed. She had 10 thousand plus followers or in social media parlance: 10.1k! Wow. As of today 11.1k. 403bwise has 213 followers. Within days Tara started promoting the events, we had hundreds of signups. There was so much interest we upgraded our Zoom account to permit more attendees.

The Events

The presentations were so much fun to do. Tara helped emcee and we got vital assistance from another SLP and friend of 403bwise, Jessica Logan, also known as the Penny Pinching Pathologist and our guest on episode 126 of the podcast. Jessica deftly responded to attendees questions in the Zoom chat. What a team! Note: We will be doing more customized events for the SLP audience. To learn about our next events follow funinspeech and/or 403bwise and/or join the 403bwise Facebook Group

The Video

Leading up to the presentations, I received dozens of email inquiries from SLPs thanking us for doing the event and expressing excitement about it. A few mentiond that due to work and family demands they wouldn't be able to attend and would we make a recording available? This pushed me to do just that. Thanks to assistance from my 22-year-old daughter, Lily, we were able to make a video link of the event available on the 403bwise YouTube Channel we have been slowly adding content to. 

Tara on thumbnail of link to video recording of our
"SLPs Getting Wise to Saving for Retirement" event


If the popularity of these SLP events are any indication, we might need to write Speech and Retire Rich with Tara and Jessica!

Stay wise and well (and subscribe to the 403bwise YouTube Channel!).

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