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In Praise of Teachers 🙌🏽

April 7, 2020

Throughout my 10+ years of public school teaching I was always pretty confident that non-teachers had no idea how difficult teaching can be. More than a few told me how fun my job must be. There were many aspects that were fun. But by-and-large teaching was difficult. The days were long and for me and other California teachers, the classes sizes were enormous. On many occasions I would think: I wish more knew how difficult this job is. And then for the worst possible reason, many found out. 

No Satisfaction

Teachers had like 5 minutes to savor the satisfaction of wide-spread understanding of something they alway knew: teaching is hard. Within days it got even harder. Teachers were forced to pivot to online instruction. Imagine doing your job one way. Then within weeks you are told to do it an entirely different way. Weirdly named American football is played largely with the hands. What if suddenly, out of necessity, American football had to be played almost entirely with the foot? That is what teachers are being asked to do in their sudden transition from face-to-face teaching to online instruction. Couple that with the fact that so many students do not have access to the very tools that make online instruction possible. Remind me again why we are considered a first world country? Teachers have always been societally critical. But under nationwide (mostly) stay-at-home orders, they along with the food and medical community are essential.

Stay well.



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