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Balance ⚖️

February 22, 2022

My partner Scott Dauenhauer, CFP® and I have done our Teach and Retire Rich podcast since 2015. My now 17-year-old son, Ben, is a massive consumer of podcasts. This weekend on a ride home from mountain biking I learned he has listened to zero episodes of Teach and Retire Rich. How did I discover this? I played an excerpt of our most recent podcast, an interview with retired teacher Andrew Hallam, who along with his wife have found life balance. I played the beginning where Andrew recounts a life-changing moment: At age 19, a diesel mechanic named Russ shared with him that saving a significant amount of money on a modest salary is more than possible. Andrew learned that because of wise money moves Russ worked as a diesel mechanic not for the money, but because he loved "turning a wrench." My son turned to me and said, "Wow this is amazing. Also, I hate to admit this but I've never listened to one of your podcasts. This is really good." Kids, am I right?

Standout Espisode

We have done more than 200 podcasts. We have gotten a lot of nice feedback on many of these. We have rarely experienced the kind of immediate feedback we have had with our episode with Andrew. Even at the time of recording, Scott and I knew it was a special conversation. So much so that for the first time we released a bonus episode that was our conversation with Andrew after we thought we were done. 

What a Story

Without giving too much away, here are some high points about Andrew: He taught in Canada and at an American school in Signapore. He and his wife took a one-year leave of absence from teaching in 2014. They are still on that leave of absence. They basically spend 4 months a year living in a different country. They have shed many of their personal possessions. They couldn't be happier. They meet and interact with amazing people almost everyday. Oh yah, he also survived bone cancer.

Prophet to Many

My son was transfixed by this podcast. I have, of course, spoken to both of my kids about the importance of saving. I have also trumpeted the importance of giving yourself life options by spending less. They say you are never a prophet in your own hometown. Thank you, Andrew, for being a prophet to so many including in my hometown. 

Stay wise and well (and find your balance).

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