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Power of AARP 💪

April 19, 2022

403bwise has been fortunate to have been mentioned and/or featured in some pretty fantastic media outlets. They have included: ChooseFI, Forbes, Kiplinger, Los Angeles Times, Money, Morningstar, Motley Fool, The New York Times, NPR, U.S. News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. As a journalism major and former reporter who reveres old school media companies, The New York Times and The Washington Post mentions were particulalry gratifying. Each of these media mentions led to a bump in visitorship and awareness of our mission. But frankly, we have never seen anything like the impact of a recent story Linda Stern did for AARP on the 403(b) which included a mention of 403bwise...

Power of AARP

Called Retirements at Risk: Not all Savings Plans at Work Are Graded A (pdf) (direct link here), the article appeared in the April 2022 AARP Bulletin. In the week that the article ran, we experienced our most daily and weekly pageviews. And not by a little. We experienced a doubling of our previous best one-day and weekly pageview numbers. Keep in mind, the AARP Bulletin is a print publicaton!

We also experienced our largest weekly 403bwise Facebook Group sign ups: 537. Why am I so sure that the bump in traffic has largely been due to AARP? To sign up for our Facebook Group, you have to answer three questions, one of which is "How did you hear about 403bwise?" The overwhelming majority of last week's sign ups cited the AARP article. Note: I've paused a few times during the writing of this blog post to check out FBG sign ups and in the 15 minutes that I have been working on this we have received 9 more sign ups citing AARP. 

Moms Know Best

My favorite FBG sign up mention of how they heard about 403bwise was from a 3rd grade teacher who wrote: "My mom sent me an AARP article." I love verything about this.

I used to fear AARP because it meant I was aging. I now love AARP! In all seriousness, thank you Linda Stern for your fantastic article. And thank you AARP for your fantastic service. 

Stay wise and well (and don't fear AARP membership!)