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Aspire Makes Sense 🙌

June 8, 2021

"If it makes sense, it won't work in the 403(b)." 

Scott and I spoke with Matt Drummond, National Sales Director for Aspire Financial Services, for our latest pod (link below). Matt shared the above quote which comes from a friend of his in the industry. All too often that quote is spot on. Matt and his firm, however, are working hard to make that quote false, at least in one instance. How? Consider his company's attributes...

  • Access to hundreds of financial firms including Fidelity Investments and Vanguard (for a charge of 0.15%)
  • Mutual funds and a fixed account
  • Participants can invest on own* or work with an advisor
  • Aspire works seemlessly with TPAs
  • Matt will help teachers add Aspire

* A handful of school districts (for reasons we don't understand) require participants to use an advisor.

6,000 K-12 Vendor Lists and Growing

Aspire is available in more than 6,000 school districts and actively working to grow the list. Not only that, Matt himself will work directly with teachers and others looking to get Aspire as an investing option. You can email Matt at: Matthew.Drummond at PCSretirement.com

California Here They Are

Aspire is now officially available in California and is registered on 403bcompare

No Financial Relationship with 403bwise

I want to be clear that 403bwise receives zero compensation or financial considerations from Aspire or any financial firm. A core goal of ours is to ensure that teachers have at least one-low cost option. Adding Aspire is one of the simplest ways to do that. 

Can You Slam That?

Aspire has been called the Swiss Army Knife of K-12 403(b) plans but Matt prefers the Denny's Menu analogy (lots of choices). Which makes we wonder: can you "Slam" that? Matt joked that they are working on that. 

Stay wise and well (and no matter what investment firm you use, "slam" your contributions as much as you can).

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