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Amazing Women 🙌

February 16, 2021

The single best thing about 403bwise has been the educators Scott and I have met. Not only do they do the difficult, exhausting work of teaching, but so many of them also fight for better 403(b) and 457(b) investing options, and help their colleagues better understand these plans. I taught elementary school. I taught middle school. Those jobs were rewarding but tiring, and I mostly taught before I had kids. Before the pandemic. I cannot imagine what it is like being a teacher right now. I cannot imagine doing that job, fighting for better venodrs, and still having time to help colleagues. 

Three women who do all of that, are also putting on a free event to help women better understand personal finance (event details below). They will be joined by an equally impressive personal finance author. I want to take a moment to spotlight these four impressive women.

Danielle Greco 

Danielle is a New Jersey educator who teaches basic reading and math skills to struggling regular education students in grades one to five. As if that’s not enough, she puts on education sessions to help her colleagues better understand saving for retirement. Danielle details this and her effort to get a better 403(b) vendor in our podcast interview appropriately called Fire in the Belly.

Jessica Logan

I want to call her Penny (and accidentally often do) because she also goes by the moniker Penny Pinching Pathologist, a Rochester, NY-area speech language pathologist working to help colleagues better understand saving for retirement. Pen…, er, Jessica is also an enormous help during our live events. She responds to questions in the Zoom chat box, asks questions, and points out  things Scott and I overlook. She has also been critical to our behind-the-scenes effort to grow our advocacy army. You can listen to our interview with her here.

Tara Slyman

A Pennsylvania speech language pathologist who runs Fun in Speech an 11 thousand-strong Instagram account (403bwise has 265 followers) packed with superb teaching tips and sage financial advice. Scott and I collaborated with Tara to put on several customized events for SLPs that attracted close to 300 attendees. Tara also successfully fought to get a better 403(b) and 457(b) vendor. She details her advocacy efforts in Saying No to No.

Jackie Cummings Koski

The author of Money Letters 2 My Daughter, Jackie reached financial independence at age 49. She shared her inspiring story in our podcast episode called Spreading Financial Wisdom.

Event Details

February 25, 2021 from 4-5:15pm (PT); 5-6:15pm (MT); 6-7:15pm (CT) and 7-8:15pm (ET)
Three educators — Danielle Greco, Jessica Logan and Tara Slyman — and a personal finance author, Jackie Cummings Koski, will share their perspective. Registration 

Thank you again, Danielle, Jessica, Tara and Jackie. We are so proud to know you. 


Stay wise and well (and subscribe to the 403bwise YouTube Channel!).