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Plan Rating Project Update 😤

January 18, 2022

It's been three months since we went live with our school district vendor rating project. It's our effort to post and grade as many of the nation's 14,500+ school district 403(b) vendor lists as possible. The goal is to shed light on the woeful state of the K-12 403(b). Early data has confirmed what we have long feared: School districts are failing their employees. We've posted close to 5,000 vendor lists and graded 1,731 of them. Less than 1% of districts rated earned a score of A. Close to half earned a D or F (rating system explained).

  • F: 303 (18%)
  • D: 475 (27%)
  • C: 922 (53%)
  • B: 7 (0.004%)
  • A: 24 (0.14%)
  • Total: 1,731

Stay wise and well (and keep the pressure on school districts to do better).